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Emo bi life... [Nov. 2nd, 2006|03:57 pm]
GLBTQ support


[mood |sadbetrayed]

*just needs to say this somewhere to anyone*

I fell really hard for my best friend a while back and she knew it and she even led me on for a while while she was questioning her own sexuality, then decided that she was without a doubt straight and I got crushed by it.  It's been a rough couple of months since then, bouncing back and fixing our friendship...I still like her and she knows it, but we're still best friends and as close as ever. 
But I was talking to her and all of a sudden she said, "Did I tell you I lost my girl-kissing virginity at my party?" and proceeds to explain how she, at her party, ended up being kissed by another girl. 

*some small part of self just withers away and dies*

[User Picture]From: hallow_sin
2006-11-05 01:14 am (UTC)
Oh dear. ::hugs:: I really don't have anymore to say other than; she probably didn't realize that what she was saying would hurt you. I can see how horrible her telling you this was, but I hope that you won't dwell on it too much and do what you can to move passed it. ::gives you a cookie::
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