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Grumpy Genderqueer Exsistance [Nov. 8th, 2006|10:08 am]
GLBTQ support


[mood |scaredscared]

So I met this guy, and we really hit it off and he wants to be friends with me, which is awesome, because I don't have a lot of guy friends, paticularily straight guy friends. And it's awesome, we're both nerds, we talk about our girlfriends and have lots of fun. Thing is he thinks I'm a guy. Which is great, because I kind of identify as a guy. Some times. But, I also identify as a girl. Some times. Problem I have is that, for all my, apparently successful effort, I still usually look like a girl, because that's what I was born as. And I don't know this guy too well, and I am utterly, utterly petrfied that he will find out that I'm genetically female and hate me. Or hurt me. Or something. It's scary.

I don't like this. I don't like being scared of something so stupid. But I know that bad things could happen to me for trying to be something that I'm not but that I am. Gah. This is just aggravating.

[User Picture]From: annaj_06
2006-11-08 11:06 am (UTC)
I know it sucks, and it is scary. But you should probably tell him, if you wish to stay friends with him. If he's not cool with what you identify as, then you probably don't really want him as a friend in the first place.
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